Will Sports Events Decide?

June 24th, 2016 Back

February 5, 2017, Super Bowl LI or 51, Houston, TX. Your team has made it to the final game. You and your friends gather around your big screen, guacamole and chips and a cold six-pack, ready to watch your team take on the trophy.

Everyone grabs their phones to check players’ stats, the weather in Houston, the odds, every single possible detail. But when it comes to watching the game on the big screen…


Which service will you use to watch it? Will you still be a slave to cable? Will you be using a new streaming app?


Some people, when it comes to streaming and TV, get very passionate about sports and other live events. Yes, it’s true that for movies you could use several different apps and wouldn’t make much of a difference.

Who cares if you watch Fast & Furious 4 for the third time right now or the day after tomorrow? Even for some old TV shows, some apps carry the same, so it doesn’t make that big of a difference.

But, when it comes to sports events, you cannot be messing around. Some people have four different apps and are still unable to watch the Super Bowl on one of them. How frustrating is that?

Frustrated with your streaming app?

Frustrated with your streaming app?


So, whether you are watching the Super Bowl, Monday Night Football or the Soccer World Cup Finals, sports definitely play one of the major roles when it comes to switching to streaming services, cutting the cord or however you want to call it.

With movies and many TV shows, you can still decide when to watch it (careful with spoiler alerts though), but when it comes to sports, we are talking about “appointment viewing.”

Don’t miss your appointment


If you miss the appointment, you are out of the game. I have not met many people who voluntarily decide to record the World Cup final so they can watch it the day after for the first time. The whole world is watching simultaneously. You cannot miss that!

Regardless of the sports you follow and because of the social aspects surrounding a sports event, many people will base their decisions related to streaming apps on whether they can enjoy those events live, without the need to have too many different services.

In other words, many of my friends, when arguing about the different options available, usually voice their concerns with questions such as “will I be able to watch X?” Or will they stream those games?


Amid the streaming revolution in which we live, we strongly believe sports and live events in general will become an important factor in people’s minds when they evaluate the different alternatives. With the VIDGO app -launching soon- we are confident you will be able to enjoy your next reunion at home to watch your favorite sports event. And that would be a huge win for everyone!

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