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Here at Vidgo TV we like to exchange not only business ideas, but also ideas about technology and life in general. This week we have been talking about generational differences when it comes to TV technology.

I like to consider myself as a millennial – most of the time. Although I know the concept technically refers to a generation born between the 90s and the late 2000s, there is a great difference between both decades. Mainly, people born in the nineties got a chance to experience things that kids from the late two-thousands never experienced.


Remember VHS?


Things like gameboys, nintendo 64, discmans and VHS are in the prehistoric years for kids from today. Everything is digital nowadays, I believe you can even do your grocery shopping online. I’ve noticed many friends and even myself complaining about our own phones and laptops for not being fast enough or good enough. Now that I think about it, if we put a fifteen-year-old in the year of 1998, he/she would be so much appreciative of today’s technology.


I showed my 11 year-old brother the TV that I had growing up and he thought it was the first tv ever made. While I was a little insulted (I mean how old does he think I am?), my old tv growing up was a 1999 Sonny 27” color TV. I admit, at that time, it was the coolest thing ever.

I also owned a VHS where I would insert all my disney movies in form of a video cassette. If you ever had one of these, you know that whenever your movie was getting stuck in place or the image was not good there were a few things you had to do. First, you had to take the cassette out and blow into the holes where the videotape was. Then, you’d put it back in and voila! Your movie was working perfectly. For me, it worked every time.

Now, if we talk about quality, compared to new flat screens, old ones were terrible. Due to static you could see color lines of interference move from left to right on your screen. I didn’t thought much of it back then, but now I am so thankful for the HD option.


Black and What?

I was lucky enough to at least have colored TV, but I can imagine how TVs from the early 90s would contrast with today’s technology. I asked my non-technological aunt about her struggles with television back then, since she constantly points out my illogical complains about our advanced devices.

Very old TV set isolated over white in studio. Clipping path included.

Remember those TVs?

She told me that kids from my generation will never know what it was like when your black-and-white TV was not receiving any signal. Just like in the movies, one person would move the little antennas on the TV slowly while the other person would stare at the screen and tell them when the image was good. Sometimes the image of the screen would be terrible, so a little hitting the side of the TV would make it go back to normal. I am sure everyone had their tricks to get a better reception, but if none of that worked then you had to get up on your roof and fix the big antenna.


Sounds like too much work, huh? My aunt told me that you could easily call a repairman to fix it, but since there was just one guy that knew how to do it in the town where she lived, well, let’s just say this guy was not always available. You could wait for weeks and still don’t get an answer for him. So, people in her neighborhood start doing it themselves – after all,most of the times it was just moving the antenna back and forth until it caught some signal.


It’s amazing that every generation can find something to struggle with when talking about technology. While my aunt considered the 90s generation to have had it easy, I consider the late 2000s generation to have had it easy: vicious circle. My generation and new generations to come will never experience real past struggles. We will always find something about technology to complain about. Now that I think about it, that may be why we will keep evolving and finding new innovations in the future. It’s our unsatisfied minds the ones that will always want something newer and better .


By the way, this is the real reason why people did not call the “guy” back then, as explained by Alan Harper from the show “Two and a Half Man”. Hope you like it. Now, how are you frustrated with current technology?

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