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June 9th, 2016 Back

As we get ready to launch the awaited Vidgo app, we have experimenting with different types of content. Even though we will not be producing content, at least for now, but we like to taste what we offer just to make sure everything is up to your standards.

In the process, we have discovered, as many of you probably have, the pleasure of binge-watching. Yes, you know the feeling when you start playing your favorite show, hugging your couch, with a bowl of buttery popcorn screaming your name, and you are ready to devote your full attention to the story unfolding before your eyes. All of a sudden…

Break. Let’s take a break for a moment and think how watching TV was just a few years ago. Let’s rewind to a pre-TIVO era, in which we had to wait seven days, 168 hours, to know what would happen to our favorite character in our favorite show. Those super-polished, hyper-engineered cliffhangers, designed to leave you with that taste in your mouth and with the anxious feeling of “I cannot wait ’til next week,” worked wonders and were powerful enough to hold you enthralled for a full week. How did we wait? It seems unimaginable today.

Cliffhangers that leave you hanging for …

A minute is all it takes nowadays to start the next episode when you are watching. How wonderful is that! Let’s say you just finished watching the last episode of the first season of Breaking Bad. Remember? (I won’t reveal anything if you have not watched it yet. You have not watched it yet? Go and watch. I will wait for you here). You are dying to start the second season and boom! Ready. In one minute you can start a whole new season, give another big hug to your couch, and watch ’til the sun comes out.

But not all shows offer you the luxury of watching all seasons at once. Some shows, for instance, release a whole season for binge-watching but then make you wait a full year to consume the new season. Maybe this method is happy medium, since I believe we are capable of staying two days (and nights) in a row watching continuous episodes of our favorite shows, starting on Friday night and maybe even calling sick on Monday morning, so we just can finish the last two episodes.


According to some reports, 3 in 4 people who started watching the first episode of the first season of Breaking Bad ended up watching all the season’s episodes in one sitting. And the rates go much higher for the following seasons. An amazingly high completion rate!

Nowadays, you get celebrities admitting of binge-watching shows while they exercise or perform some productive task, proving that while you can still be efficient and entertained at the same time.


As I binge-watched one of my favorite shows, I asked myself what drives us to the next episode, and the answer seems clear: curiosity. We are curious animals, insatiable in that department. If you don’t believe, just check on the last few articles or videos you have clicked on Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else. What made you click? Probably the headline. Attracting your attention, satisfying your curiosity. Maybe, in some instances, after you clicked and went to the post, you realized it was a waste of time. But, when the producers of content get the curious element plus the quality of content just right, the concoction is so addictive we cannot stop ourselves.

And now, if you excuse me, I have to go back to Season 2. Vidgo TV demands I watch so many hours of tv, just for research purposes. And who am I to disagree? Happy binge-watching!

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