VIDGO presents: What Is Good TV?

June 10th, 2016 Back

At Vidgo TV, we love good tv and we look forward to offering you the best content available, but first let’s talk about what good tv is.

When we watch TV,  we are unconsciously developing a very personal criteria. We experience different shows and sorts of entertainment, but ultimately, we make a list in our heads of our favorites and the reason why. One day, I set up a movie hang-out with some of my friends at my house. Everything was going good – or so I thought -, until we had to decide what to watch on TV. Oh boy, was that difficult? While I enjoyed shows like The Walking Dead and Friends, other friends would just rather watch a soccer match, and others would even want to see The Notebook for the thirtieth time, or lion fights on  Animal Planet. I realized we had totally different opinions of what fun entertainment was. Now I think it is actually difficult to make up a general concept for “good TV.”


How do we define good TV?

Everyone has a different perspective depending on their personal tastes, so we cannot assume everything works the same for everyone. This got me thinking that maybe there was some general criteria for good TV most people could agree on. This is why i asked some of my personal friends on social media that same question: “What is good TV for you?”


By doing this I expected a lot of personal opinions, but what I received from everyone was mostly generalized answers that could fit everyone (including myself). I took all of the feedback in consideration a created a list with four characteristic everyone should consider when they talk about good TV. Here they are:

  1. Good TV should be entertaining

“I love shows that entertain you for as long as you watch them” shared Katy Garcia in response to my question. Also, former classmate, Richelle Sanchez, expressed how great tv should always be  “entertaining and realist,” which is actually true. The main reason why we all watch TV is because we want to be entertained, in one way or another. Although we are not all entertained by the same things, it’s mostly a general desire. When TV accomplishes that desire, then it becomes so good.

2. Good TV should be informative in some way

This does not mean watching the news every day; that’s not the only source of information TV provides. And, honestly, I don’t think about it so much as information, but as what interesting and positive things we can get out of it. Janeth Castanos, another user that commented on my social media poll, thought it was very important for tv to give you some kind of knowledge. “Its very important to know that good TV is a program to instruct , entertain and inform correctly” wrote Castanos. Actually, whatever type of entertainment can give you some kind of knowledge, even if you don’t know it’s doing it. It could teach you social attitudes, medical terms, local news, relationship advices, and you could call that good TV.

3. Good TV should have variety

Another popular criteria is variety, and Adriana Valderrama left a comment that summed it up perfectly: “For me, good TV is a varied program to suit the tastes of the whole family from the smallest to the oldest , with news channels, cartoons, reality shows, etc.” This is something we can all relate to just because variety is also new ideas, and novel and varied TV appeal to every audience, no matter the age.

4. Good TV should be relatable

Last but not least, if we connect to it, then it’s good TV; it’s that simple. Good TV is supposed to makes us feel satisfied at the end of every show. This means that if you keep thinking it even after you watched it, then it will fulfill your own criteria. This could apply to many types of channels you decide to watch. For Andreina Valderrama, it’s all about emotion, “if it impacts your feelings by making you reflect about your own actions better yet.”


There is no way we can all have the same taste when it comes to TV. We, however, do not know that we actually use this four criteria when we watch anything on our devices. Even if you don’t agree with all of them, at least one of them has gone through your mind. In fact, the definition of good TV can be one, whole universal answer: Good TV is what somehow has entertained you, informed you, showed you variety, and made you feel something special.

At VIDGO TV,  we are sure you will enjoy good tv with the new VIDGO app and are confident the content will be relatable, informative and will have enough variety to satisfy every member of your household.


This article has been written by Oriana Valderrama, journalist student at the University of North Texas.


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