Vidgo asks: What is the mistery behind reality tv

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Picture this scene: You wake up in the morning. You walk through your house on your pjs and head to the kitchen to have some breakfast. While you do it, you have a little chit-chat with your roommate and he/she tells you about the date he/she had last night – Total disaster. When your roommate leaves for work, you have a very stressful conversation with your mother on the phone. She keeps telling you that you have to get that Organic Valley soy milk, because a friend of hers bought it and she speaks wonderfully about it (You won’t really do it, you’ll get Great Value; it’s cheaper – Duh).


Now, imagine all of it is being broadcasted live for a reality show. Everything you do is monitored and millions of people can watch you do the most mundane things and find it amusing. This, my friends, is reality TV.


We all know reality shows. There is a hand full of live shows that became very popular in our society. One of them is the dramatic show called “The Bachelor”, which is basically documenting a man dating 25 women and marrying one of them at the end of the show. Not your regular dating scenario for sure. The thing about this kind of entertainment is that it takes real people and puts them in unreal situations. Then they just let them act the way any other human would act in that same situation; dramatically.


It’s a constantly asked question: why do people love reality TV? According to Psychology Today, in its article “Why America Loves Reality TV”, what reality tv viewers all have in common is that “desire of status.” It also states that “Reality TV allows Americans to fantasize about gaining status through automatic fame,” which makes a deeper connection between actors and viewers.


The idea that it could be you in front of the camera, and become kind of a celebrity in the process, has Americans, and people around the world,  in love with this instant fame method.


Can everyone handle that instant fame? Kaitlyn Bradshaw – season 19 most recent winner contestant from the show “The bachelorette” – was asked in the TEDx Talk show what would 15 of fame do to a regular person, and this is what she answered:


“Sometimes 15 minutes is too many. It’s already enough for some people and they can’t handle it. But then, I’ve seen it on the other side, where 15 minutes is almost like a taste of a drug, and you crave it – and you want fame.” says Kaitlyn. “But, I feel like those 15 minutes come with consequences and responsibilities because you have this platform that happened over-night.”


I still question the “actual authenticity” of reality TV. There are people who believe there is nothing real about this shows but that most of it is always planned and fixed to look appealing to their audiences. What must be real is human emotions though; that it’s something too hard to control. When you are in one of those experiences, your perspective on human interaction and reality tv changes drastically. But then again, some people just crave to be part of a platform like this to achieve their so desire instant fame.


With the upcoming VIDGO app, we know you will keep enjoying your favorite reality shows and, who knows, maybe one day you will become a reality star, if that’s what you want.

This article was written by Oriana Valderrama, journalism student at University of North Texas and contributor to the VIDGO blog. 

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