The upcoming VIDGO TV streaming app

May 20th, 2016 Back

While it’s true, as Peter Thiel declared in his From Zero to One, that “vicious competition” is not healthy in any industry, the arrival of companies in the companies in the TV streaming arena could be a signal of a big change in our entertainment.


For years, the big cable and satellite companies have enjoyed the addition of subscribers at impressive rates, always lurking them with promotional offers that would expire, becoming, unkowingly to most, a super expensive bill, almost impossible to decipher.


Fees for renting the DVR boxes as well as fees for any inexplicable reasons. I still have not met a customer or even a customer service rep of one of those giant companies who can fully explain a bill. Obviously, this works extremely well for these companies, since the more complicated you make it to understand, the less you have to explain yourself. It’s just the way it is. Kind of like the tax code.


We are big believers in simplifying as much as we can, to the point where we can actually understand what we are watching and, most importantly, what we are paying for. Is that too much to ask for?



As the technology progresses into new realms and more consumers discover new ways to consuming goods and services, small companies, fueled by these consumers’ desires to to have access to a better, appear on the scene. Companies that take a convoluted, complex, and archaic industry and turn it upside, by simply asking, “What would this industry look like if it were simple?”


And that is what we have done at VIDGO. For years, our team of engineers, designers, developers -all avid TV watchers- have strived to create a simple solution to this simple joy of life. How complicated does it have to be? Why can’t a customer explain how much they really pay for their cable service?



During this period of incubation, we have witnessed the birth of several popular streaming apps, some better than others, some more dedicated to offer a catalog of movies, some dedicated to offer past TV shows, and some going into the live TV arena.


Would there be a way to combine the best of them into one single app? We thought it possible.


So we embarked on a journey of discovery, inundated with joy, frustration, and an endless number of lab failures, a necessary amalgamation of ingredients when you shoot high enough. Amidst this apparent chaos, we started to uncover what has become a painful, yet gratifying birth process of a service we are really proud of. And really hope you will be too.


Coming soon!.. Very soon you will discover the TV streaming app you have been waiting for. I know you are impatient, and we are too, but we also refuse to offer you anything less than stellar. So stay tuned…

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