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May 23rd, 2016 Back

For college students, there is always that day of the week. That day of the week when you are done with all of the assignments/essays/projects you had due. You are finally off the hook. You can now relax, open your laptop and watch a movie or your favorite show all night.

The problem is, however, that if you are a college student like me, then you know you want to catch up with the new seasons of your favorite shows or watch movies that just came out. That’s the whole point.

Unfortunately, the only way you’ll be able to do so is if you have cable TV or go to the cinema every week (not likely; that’s more money we don’t have). College students want to watch TV whenever they want and have new material to watch every day. What about news? Or sports? Is there somewhere other than Cable TV where we can watch those? We also want to know what’s going on in the world now, not days later when everybody is already talking about it.

Let’s review our choices of entertainment. Of course we all know Netflix and Hulu. For those who don’t know what these two names are, then you’ve probably been living under a rock for the past 6 years. No worries, I’m here to help. Netflix and Hulu are the most popular sites for TV entertainment. Now, they are both good apps, but how could we make them better?

First we need to find the pros and cons of each one of them so we can make the perfect wish list for a new, improved TV app. So let’s break it down:

Netflix is good. There are a lot of old TV shows that people from all ages enjoy watching and is very family oriented. On the downside, there are no new shows or new movies to watch. No live stream shows and no news. Besides, the quality is not always the best.

Now, Hulu. If we talk about having a decent catalog of newer TV shows, Hulu is a good alternative. But there is a big problem: many new episodes air 2 to 3 days after it’s out on cable. By that time, your social media feed will be filled with beautiful spoiler alerts, and you’ll be really disappointed. Again, no streaming TV, no news and the quality could be better. Lastly, sometimes people enjoy watching old films, and not only there is nothing older than three years, but also there is not enough variety in their catalog.

After giving it a lot of thought, I made a wish list that meets all of the requirements that this improved app should have:

Live TV

We need an app where we can watch what we want as it unfolds: news, sporting events, the Super Bowl, American Idol, Modern Family, whatever you fancy. All this without having to pay for expensive cable.

New/Old content

Variety is key. Sometimes you are in the mood to watch the last episode of Orange Is the New Black. Sometimes you want to watch Rose let Jack froze to death for not sharing the floating door with him in the film of Titanic (We all know that’s what really happened). So an extensive catalog to watch video on demand is a requisite.

Device compatibility

You can use this app from your IPhone, Android, laptop, IPad and TV. Wherever and Whenever.

Cloud DVR

Stuck in the office? In class? No worries. We should be able to record that night’s game from your phone and watch it when you get home, and all without having to add yet another device.

High Quality

HD quality is a very important requirement. At the very least, we should not have to endure 20-second buffers to start an episode.


We need an app that’s affordable and accessible. An app that has most of what  cable offers, but at a price any college student can afford.

If we consider all of these characteristics, we could create a TV app that satisfies every taste and every budget. All we need is live shows, variety in content, recording options, image quality and affordable prices. The perfect mix for thousands of downloads. (Hint: VIDGO app)

Article written by Oriana Valderrama, journalist student at the University of North Texas


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