An international thirst for better TV– hint: VIDGO

August 10th, 2016 Back

As I traveled through Europe during this summer (thanks, Vidgo TV) , besides the scary news about terrorist attacks and the anticipation of the Olympics, I discovered, through many conversations with locals everywhere, the need for a better way to watch TV.

Although you can still find many different cultural elements specific to your place of travel, globalization has brought many similarities to each one of the corners of the planet, from the same types of food served in many restaurants -sushi served even in supermarkets- to the same music played in almost every bar I visited, to the ubiquity of TVs and screens everywhere and the constant streaming of entertainment in everyone’s cell phone.

Regardless of the age or nationality, most people I saw were attached to their mobile device, streaming news, movies, or games, whether they were relaxing at the beach, strolling through the boulevard at sunset, or just sitting at home after a long lunch. In many cases, I engaged in conversations that range from the curious case of theĀ global phenomenon of the Pokemon game to the way they were planning to watch the Olympics.

Sportsman jumping from TV

Sportsman jumping from TV

Most people I “interviewed” expressed dissatisfaction with the way they had to watch TV, whether it was related to the price of the cable bundles or to the buffering they experienced when trying to watch the latest Game of Thrones episode. So I realized that the problem VIDGO TV is trying to solve -a better way to watch TV- was a universal one, one that may be implemented internationally. When I told these people about what VIDGO TV is trying to do, their first question was an inevitable, “Where do I sign up?”, to which I always replied with the “sign up for updated on our website” since the service will be available soon, although nothing has been revealed about a possible international rollout.

One thing is for sure: a better way to watch TV is something wanted everywhere. People want to be able to find entertainment wherever they are, on the move, on their mobile, with access to a movie catalog and a cloud DVR that would allow them to replay their recorded shows and events. Another factor mentioned across the board was a technical one: buffering, or that annoying time we have to wait for the show to continue when the connection is not optimal for streaming. And even though buffering cannot be simply eliminated by developing a better app, since many of the problems are network or WIFI related, a lighter app can help alleviate some of the problems in that department.

That is why, at VIDGO TV, we are, as many of you have expressed via Facebook messages and emails received, anxious to finally launch the app, bringing to market this much-anticipated, which promises to break through the streaming noise and the competitive market that has arisen in the past few years. All the competition that has surfaced lately has only proved that the market is ready to adopt an app that will allow us to enjoy a better way to watch TV.

Thus, from this corner of the streaming world, as we await the launch of the VIDGO app, we ask you to be patient for a little longer, while the engineers put the final touches, the polishing of the final products, so we can finally unveil the app with a guarantee that will satisfy the highest expectations created since the announcement at the Consumers Electronics Show back in January. Until then, sit tight and be prepared. Or, if you wish to be informed about updates, sign up at the homepage.

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