8 Reasons Why You Must Stream The Walking Dead This Fall

October 7th, 2016 Back

The Fall TV schedule is in full swing — and it’s a doozy! — but one of the heaviest hitters has yet to make its debut. The seventh season of The Walking Dead will make its traditional Halloween — or thereabouts — premiere on October 23, 2016. Whether you get AMC through cable or a streaming service like VIDGO, you can look forward to eight episodes of double-crossing, plot twists and walker-filled drama this year, with the back half of the sixteen episodes debuting in February 2017.


And you should look forward to it! For six years now (yes, it has been that long) The Walking Dead has been one of the most gripping, dramatic and entertaining shows on television. Originating with a long-running comic book series by Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard and Tony Moore, the small screen adaptation has oftentimes managed to pack in even more surprises and gory moments than its source material. The seventh season promises to ratchet up everything that makes the series great to the nth degree.


If you’re not already on the hype train, here’s eight good reasons you have to stream The Walking Dead through VIDGO this fall.


8 The Cliffhanger Revealed


Season seven of The Walking Dead will pick up at the exact moment where the last one left off. Which is just as well, since the showrunners deployed their most sadistic cliffhanger ending yet. Season six ended with much of the principal cast ambushed by the Saviors, an ironically-named vicious group of survivors. The final shot of the season  was from the point of view of somebody — we still don’t know who — getting their head bashed in with a baseball bat by Negan, the group’s charismatic (and psychopathic) leader.


Who was it that suffered such a brutal attack? And did they survive? Fans have had an interminable amount of time to pick over the footage, forming theories based on everything from the comics (where it was the beloved Glenn who died) to slowing down the scene to check for clues (which still hasn’t yielded any definitive answers).


Whoever it is, out of that group, it’s bound to have major repercussions for the rest of the group moving forward. Death isn’t a rare thing in the world of The Walking Dead, but the loss of a major character cannot be missed.


7 The Fate of Maggie’s Baby


That first point might well provide the answer to the other big cliffhanger season six left off on. The reason this merry band of survivors from Alexandria was heading off over the hilltop in the first place was due to complications with Maggie’s pregnancy. Glenn and Maggie’s relationship has been one of the few glimmers of hope amidst the grim existence the characters of The Walking Dead suffer through. Knowing these writers, this makes us worry that glimmer will soon be snuffed out…


Even if the couple survives the wrath of Negan, they aren’t quite out of the woods. Greg Nicotero, director of the seventh season premiere, has promised that the result of Negan’s attack isn’t the worst part of the episode. “There’s so much more that happens in that episode that is more heartbreaking than that moment, that by the time the episode’s over it’s almost too much,” he’s quoted as saying. “It’s that intense. It just keeps getting worse. It goes lower and lower and lower and lower.”


Given that Maggie’s pregnancy is the other big unresolved storyline, there’s a good chance that’s what Nicotero’s talking about. Say it ain’t so! Leave Glenn and Maggie alone! We’ll be glued to our VIDGO stream to find out.


6 More Morgan


One of the most surprising developments in recent Walking Dead was the return of Morgan. Introduced in the very first episode of the very first season, Lennie James’s character is one of the most tragic in a show that’s not short of tragic storylines. One of the first survivors Rick Grimes bumped into, he couldn’t bring himself to shoot his undead wife when she came a-knockin’. To make matters worse, in doing so he also failed to stop her from killing their young son.


When next he and Rick crossed paths, two seasons late, Morgan was a man on the edge, driven nearly insane by the loss of his family. In season five he returned again as a Zen master who had not only conquered his fears but had been transformed into a martial arts expert who could defeat walkers using only his fists. The new Morgan has transformed from one of the most tragic to the most badass characters on The Walking Dead, and the fact that he’s now a member of the main cast is reason enough to get excited.


As is the fact that he and Rick are basically polar opposites, family men who have taken wildly diverging paths. Rick becomes more cynical and prone to violence the longer he lives in a zombie-ravaged world, whereas Morgan has found a degree of peace. Given all the madness this seventh season likely has in store for them, expect these two to butt heads in a major way. You can also expect Morgan to bust out some more sweet aikido moves to behead some walkers.


5 No Fear The Walking Dead


AMC are smart cookies. Since the end of Mad Men and Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead is undoubtedly the network’s most popular, best-reviewed show. The only problem is that making a season of television this expansive (and expensive) takes a lot of time, so they can’t just air new episodes constantly year-round. They managed to get over that little hurdle with Fear The Walking Dead, the spin-off series that explores the early days of the walker outbreak in California, a fair few thousand miles due east from the action of the main show.


Fear The Walking Dead came about as a way to fill the gaps when The Walking Dead was off the air, to satiate impatient fans who needed their weekly zombie apocalypse fix. The only problem now is that the spin-off show is so good, as soon as it ends viewers start missing that series. It’s about time that the original — and the best — makes its triumphant return, then, and remind people where this all started. If you forget about the comic books, anyway.


In which case, it’s perfect timing for the original to come back! And also for fans who have been diligently watching the spin-off see if they can pick up on any crossover between the two series. Perhaps seeing the early days of this whole sorry mess will provide some insight into Eugene’s claims that a cure might be out there…


4 The Further Adventures of Rick and Michonne


If The Walking Dead is about anything, it’s zombies. But if it’s about things other than that, it’s about interpersonal drama, relationships, and surprising twists. And the sixth season had all of those things in spades (especially the zombies, thankfully), with the most surprising interpersonal relationship twist coming in the form of the burgeoning relationship between Rick Grimes and Michonne. Romance is the furthest thing from Rick’s mind, what with him being a widower leading a group of bickering survivors through a post-apocalyptic wasteland…and yet.


Michonne also doesn’t seem the most likely candidate for a romantic relationship either, given her introduction as a samurai sword-wielding zombie slayer who has only gotten more hardcore as time’s gone by. Between them they’re a pair of dangerous walker-killing machines with grim pasts they’d rather not talk about. So when you put it like that, they may be perfectly matched. Maybe Carl should have started calling Michonne “mom”…


Given the volatility of the Alexandria situation, and of Rick and Michonne themselves, some of the most potent fireworks in The Walking Dead’s seventh season might well be found in their unconventional relationship. At the very least, it will be worth tuning into their bickering in the middle of a gory zombie-killing splatterfest about whose turn it is to take out the garbage.


3 Daryl vs. Dwight


Speaking of badasses, fan favorite Daryl Dixon has himself some serious competition this year. There’s a reason Norman Reedus’s gruff, anti-social survivalist is the breakout star of The Walking Dead. He has a stylish leather vest, he’s handy with a crossbow, and he’s got the whole brooding loner thing going on. He’s also been through his fair share of trauma, too, with his redneck brother being left for dead by the very group of survivors he’s aligned himself with, and potential love interest Beth meeting a cruelly premature end soon after they were reunited in season five.


Still, through it all, he has retained his credentials as the show’s primo cool guy. That’s only been challenged now that he’s got himself a rival. Dwight is another member of Negan’s Saviors clan, and he’s the first real challenge Daryl has come up against. An experienced hunter who seems just as adept at stalking his prey as Mr. Dixon, Dwight has already cemented their rivalry by killing (and attempting to kill) a bunch of Alexandria residents on Daryl’s watch. He might also have lead the group straight into Negan’s grasp.


Dwight is a more reluctant ally of the Saviors than some of its more rabid members, but that doesn’t mean his antagonism towards Daryl is any less fiery. The two of them are heading for a major confrontation in the seventh season, with Daryl looking for revenge for those Dwight has killed. When two of the best equipped, deadliest characters on The Walking Dead face off, you know that’s going to be worth watching.


2 Everybody Loves It


From its humble beginnings as a six-episode comic book adaptation airing on a channel best known for showing old movies, The Walking Dead has become a bonafide phenomenon. It’s one of the most-watched shows on television right now, even if you just go by the initial ratings (that’s not counting the amount who DVR the show or watch it through streaming services like VIDGO). It has a rabid fan base who will theorize, pick apart and analyze each and every plot twist, cliffhanger and episode title. There is nary a more dedicated viewing audience watching television right now.


You don’t want to miss out on all that, do you? FOMO — that’s Fear Of Missing Out for those not into know — is real, and it is serious. Come October 23rd Twitter timelines across the globe are going to be alright with all the hottest takes about The Walking Dead, and we would hate to see you left out in the cold. And as they say, 14.63 million viewers (as tuned in for the sixth season premiere) can’t be wrong…


1 Negan, Negan, Negan


Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a known scene-stealer. In his previous two comic book roles, in Watchmen and The Losers, he gave such entertaining, well-rounded performances as to completely pull the rug out from co-stars like Patrick Wilson, Zoe Saldana and Jackie Earle Hayley — no slouches themselves. He’s no stranger to being the best thing in various small screen projects, either, with a particularly great turn on The Good Wife. The fact that he’s playing the main antagonist in The Walking Dead’s seventh season is very, very exciting.


He might even — whisper it — have David Morrissey’s Governor beaten as the most magnetic, terrifying, weirdly charismatic villain the show has had yet. His Negan is a fan favorite from the comics, too, one of the most dangerous presences that Rick Grimes and company have ever had to contend with. In the graphic novel source material for The Walking Dead Negan was responsible for some truly heinous acts that have reverberated for years after the fact. If the TV version has even an iota of that impact, this might be the show’s most dramatic season yet.


The Walking Dead is at its best with a strong villain. The seasons where the survivors are just left to fight amongst themselves (or, as Rick very nearly did, actually becoming the villains) have their moments. When there’s somebody as violent and unhinged as Negan let loose in a world that’s already full of flesh eating walkers? That’s a recipe for some must-watch TV, whether it’s through cable or your VIDGO streaming service.



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