6 Times when you really hated watching TV on your streaming device

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I cannot begin to explain the amount of mediums of entertaining we have now, compared to what we have before. Who would have ever thought we could watch TV while walking to class from a tiny little screen that could fit in our pockets? I bet The Flintstones would have never thought it would happen.

But on a more serious note, we as millennials are dealing with something our parents never had to deal with: these sophisticated portable devices. Back in the day you would have to hit your black and white old TV to get any signal, whereas today it all comes down to knowing how to turn the WiFi on and off.

Throughout this century, we’ve replaced the actual medium of a flat screen in our living rooms to our phones, laptops and tablets. This still does not mean that streaming to our shows whenever we want is a piece of cake. Our technology has not reached perfection yet, so there are still things we have to deal with even with our improved sets of entertainment.

As the greatest and biggest consumer of portable devices, young adults and high school/college students have had those moments when we’ve wanted to smash our own phones against the floor – thankfully we abstain to do so, because this costs us a lot of money. Long story short, I’ll elaborate on the six times we have all hated watching TV through portable devices, and at least one has happened to you.


1. When your battery percentage seems to rush into the abyss

There is no worst feeling in the world than to get that notification that announce  that your phone has 20 percent of battery left. When you are streaming on the street, in the car, in class or at work, you can be sure that there is a big possibility that your battery will die. When we are watching something on our phone, the world around us ceases to exist and even our battery percentage disappears too.

The solution? Bring your charger at all times and fully charge your phone before you go out. Also, get one of those external batteries that can be plugged to the phone and extended the battery life a little longer. If not, you are in for a frustrating experience for sure.


2. In places where there’s not Wi-Fi

Not everywhere you go there’s going to be free WiFi for your use only. If you own a laptop or tablet, which don’t rely on data, and you bring it with you everywhere you go, there is be a chance that you’ll enter a no-wifi zone.

There are three no-wifi zones you can encounter: an establishment with coded wifi, a stranger house with a very reserved and selfish host, or a place where the WiFi has technical issues. Either way, with a phone you can still use your own data, but for tablets and laptop, they are useless to watch your favorite shows and movies online.

3. When it takes hours to load

Even when you are connected to WiFi, many streaming apps have moments where the load seems infinite. When the connection you are using is not strong enough, our video can stop to load and take ages doing so. For users who don’t have no patience in their system, the buffering of a video can be very frustrating. The solution to this is simple make sure that the WiFi is good enough so it loads faster. Tip? you can also load it at your house and watch it wherever you need to go.

Woman looks for connection

Woman looks for connection

4. When it says HD, but it’s actually very low quality

The thing about portable devices is that they don’t always have the best quality; not as a TV screen. As much as we would want it to be, streaming with portable devices outside your house will not guarantee you  perfect quality. Watching Friends and not being able to really see every little detail in the expression on Ross’ face when Rachel tells him she is pregnant is very disappointing. Well, maybe for me since I am huge Friends’ fanatic, but it applies to everything you like to stream on your own.

5. When you’re watching it with more than one person

There you are, sitting in your favorite cafe with your tablet and your favorite film playing. Suddenly, two friends see you from across the room and they notice the film you are watching. Magically, they love that movie, so they ask if they can watch it with you.

Now, in a situation like this is too hard to rudely say “no,” so they scoot over and there is not enough space for anyone to have a good view of the screen. Also, you have to get rid of the headphones (which are very important and I’ll explain more in a minute), because there are three of you and one headphone.

I’ve been there, there is no more awkward experiences than four people, all squeezed together like canned tuna, trying to watch a 10.1” screen. It just doesn’t work. And don’t even get me started on a 4.7’’ phone screen. Someone will have to hold the phone so everyone can have a good view, and that someone it’s you, my friend. Two hours holding a phone can be tiring, but well, at least you’re doing exercise, right?

Group of people streaming

Group of people streaming

6. When you forget your headphones at home

The reason why I mentioned that headphones are necessary is because it’s more comfortable to watch something on your phone without bothering the people around you.

I had forgotten my headphones at home, so that day I wanted to watch a horror movie while I waited to go to class. When I sat in a table of a pizza place and the movie started, a woman started screaming on my screen and I had my phone’s volume to a hundred. It was not pretty. Although I usually don’t care about ugly looks, I felt pretty bad for bothering others with the noise.

Your headphones are essential for streaming in your portable devices when you are not at home, if not for you at least do it out of respect to others.

If any of this has made you feel particularly annoyed, you can be sure that these things are avoidable. Just take precautions when it comes to watching TV shows and movies outside of your house. All you have to do is this: before you go out, bring your charger – there are also these new portable chargers which are very effective – and your headphones. Then, find a place with a good WiFi server that can provide you quality and fast loading.

And last but not least, if you are streaming with someone else, at least bring your laptop; it has a bigger and better screen. Be prepare and enjoy portable entertaining.

This article was written by Oriana Valderrama, a journalist student at the University of North Texas and a contributor to VIDGO TV. 

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