2 great American stories from the Rio Games

August 12th, 2016 Back

The Olympics not only serve as a reminder of how out of shape we are when we look at those beasts on the screen, but they also serve to inspire and entertain our society and also to celebrate the medals we all win together.

We are basically just getting warmed up in the Rio Olympic Games, yet some stories have already made the headlines and they will endure past the games, from the new Leonidas of Rhodes to the Simone Show. As we approach the end of week 1, we have collected some of the great stories. Here’s the rundown, in no particular order:

1.Michael Phelps.

Does he need an introduction? Nope. Everyone has seen, at one point or another, his prowess in the water, matching records that go back to the original games, kissing his mother in celebration or just giving a nasty look to Chad, the South African boxer-swimmer warming up right in front of him who inflicted Phelp’s first 200m butterfly loss in the 2012 London Games (I dare him!)


If he were a country, he would be ranked, with 21 career golds, above Argentina and Portugal, for instance. Whereas many countries, like Spain, celebrate their first gold with great fanfare, Phelps just keeps adding metal to his collection like a kid collecting candy from a birthday piñata.

If it weren’t for his golds, the US team would rank behind China, in a medal race that promises to heat up in the upcoming days. But the race is not over, for he still has three more opportunities to keep writing history in a such a way that it may take another 2,000 years for someone to outdo his performance. And for that, we are lucky to be in the midst of it. So thanks Michael, son of Poseidon,  for swimming your way into the anals of history. Take that, Leonidas!!


2. Simone Biles

If there is another athlete, up to this point, to even have a chance of stealing the light from Mr. Phelps, that would be Simone Biles, the Columbus, OH native who, in her preparation for the games, her objective was, according to her own words, just to make the USA team. As if her world championships medals -3 world all-around champion between 2013 and 2015- did not settle that objective long before the coaches made the unsurprising decision to include her on the team, Simone has taken Rio by storm in the first few days, with two gold medals.

Experts note that her routines are so complex that she starts with a few points above the competion, meaning she would have to make mistakes -which she rarely does- for the others to have a chance to compete with her. Part of the phenomenal USA team, dubbed the Final Five, she will surely keep us entertained with some of the most spectacular moves (double-twisting double sommesault) we have seen in a very long time. And on top of that, she is so darn likable! So we also thank Simone for making us twist, fly, and even dance from the comfort of the couch. Or better yet, get up and try some of the moves. Just kidding. Here is Biles in the 2014 World Championships. Enjoy.


In the upcoming days, we will keep posting some of the stories that develop in Rio, from American superstars to the teams to any athlete in the games who can inspire us or entertain us. Until then, happy games!!

At Vidgo TV, we sincerely hope that you will watch the next games in 2020 with our VIDGO app.

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