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Summer has, at last, had its final curtain call, which means that it’s high time Fall took the stage. Don’t be disheartened at the falling temperatures, bare tree branches and — perhaps most catastrophic of all — the end of your vacation time, however. After all, those are just all great excuses to stay indoors and watch the new Fall TV lineup — and it’s a doozy!


All of the latest and greatest premieres, along with a few returning favourites, will be available through the VIDGO TV service, so you won’t miss a thing. Good thing too, because there’s plenty of great stuff coming. From brand-new comedies to a certain popular zombie show people are fond of, here are just a handful of the shows we’re most excited to watch this Fall season.


10. Empire


When last we saw the feuding Lyon family, they had been put through the emotional and physical ringer along with the audience! Season two of Empire saw in-fighting, betrayal, and fractured alliances — not to mention a funeral or two. We may be seeing a new casket as show returns for a third year, with star Taraji Henson confirming that the rooftop fist-fight between Rhonda (Kaitlin Doubleday) and Anika (Grace Gealey) ended with one — or possibly both? — of the combatants falling to their death. But which one? You’ll just have to tune in to find out!


Meanwhile, the sprawling hip-hop epic continues the fight for control of the Lyon family fortune, with some new additions: namely, superstar diva Mariah Carey joining the main cast as Kitty, a singer who has all the fame and fierce personality of the actress portraying her. If that isn’t enough to shake up an already volatile situation, there are reports Andre will be shaken by another death he bears witness to, and family matriarch Cookie may be at the end of her rope as well. Never mind who will take Lucious’s throne, who’s going to survive?


9. Timeless


If it feels like the television schedule has been a little bare of high-octane science fiction thrills since the end of Person of Interest, then Timeless may just be the show for you. This new series stars former ER hunk Goran Višnjić as a criminal who finds himself in possession of a time machine — naturally — and decides to use it to mess around with the course of history and destroy the modern United States. If there’s a more out-there concept on TV this Fall season, we have yet to hear it.


But there’s more! Because hot on Višnjić’s trail is a rag-tag group who have been tasked with pursuing this mad man through history so they can stop him before he can do unravel reality as we know it. Amongst that group’s number are Mad Men’s Abigail Spencer as a history professor, 90210’s Matt Lanter as a soldier and British Once Upon A Time star Sean Maguire as Ian Fleming. Yes, that’s the same Ian Fleming best known for creating James Bond (and Chitty Chity Bang Bang, believe it or not). He won’t be the only famous figure turning up in Timeless, either. After all, the second episode is titled “The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln”…


8. Loosely Exactly Nicole


Jokes about when exactly MTV stopped showing music videos were already old, but they’re especially moot given how great the programming line-up for the network has been over the past few years. Along with existing reality juggernauts like Catfish and Teen Mom, plus great dramas like Scream and Teen Wolf, they’ve hooked audiences on some top-notch comedy such as Guy Code and sister series Girl Code. Nicole Byer, one of the stand-out stars of the latter, has now spun off into her own show! By all reports, it sounds like this is exactly what she needed to let big personality the room it needs to really run riot.


Loosely Exactly Nicole is a semi-autobiographical comedy about a comedic actress trying to get ahead in Hollywood. Not that the premise is all that important because this show is all about personality. Byer is a bawdy, brilliant writer and physical presence, with all the madcap energy and lack of filter that made the Broad City girls a hit. The series began last month, so it’s a perfect time to catch up on the episodes you missed with your VIDGO TV subscription (available soon).


7. Notorious


Don’t panic — Scandal is coming back! It’s just taking a slightly longer break, season six beginning later in the Fall. But whilst you’re waiting for that mid-season premiere, ABC is hoping you’ll give the new legal drama that’s borrowing its time slot a try. Also set in a slightly murky, somewhat morally dubious milieu, Notorious follows a TV producer who teams with an influential attorney to spin the headlines and manipulate public opinion. So it’s Scandal, except instead of twisting political news stories, it’s about the relationship between the law and the media.


Sounds pretty tantalizing as is, doesn’t it? That’s even before you throw in the fact that the concept is inspired by the lives of real-life lawyer Mark Geragos and former Larry King Live producer Wendy Walker, both of whom have played their part in helping to rehabilitate convicted celebs like Winona Ryder and Michael Jackson. On Notorious their characters will be played by Daniel Sunjata (Rescue Me) and Piper Perabo (Covert Affairs) respectively.


6. Atlanta


It’s been three long years since rapper/actor/comedian Donald Glover left cult sitcom Community, where he starred as lovable doofus Troy. At the time his departure was linked to a rumoured TV project Glover was developing for himself, and the fruits of his labors were finally shared with the world on F/X with a back-to-back double-bill premiere on September 6th. Was it worth the wait? Emphatically yes!


Instead of going down a more standard route, Glover follows in the footsteps of the more idiosyncratic comedy F/X comedy fare such as Louie and You’re The Worst. Starring Glover as a down-on-his-luck single father who hits upon possible salvation as the manager of the up-and-coming rapper Paperboi — who happens to be his cousin — the first few episodes of Atlanta have been a visually lush, frequently hilarious, brutally honest portrayal of black working-class life. Catch up quick so you can say you were there from the start because this is shaping up to be something special.


5. The Case of: JonBenét Ramsey


Between hit podcasts like Serial and TV series such as ESPN’s O.J.: Made in America, it looks like audiences have a renewed interest in the true crime genre; especially when these documentaries have even more twists and turns than a scripted genre, with the added wrinkle that it all really happened! Hoping to capitalise on the trend, CBS have unveiled their own take on new series The Case of: JonBenét Ramsey, which promises to keep viewers gripped to the final shocking conclusion.


Unlike those previous examples, this new show focuses on a crime that remains unsolved. JonBenét Patricia Ramsey was a six-year-old beauty pageant star whose life was cut tragically, horribly short, but even after several grand jury hearings, the murderer has never been caught. There’s plenty of interesting material surrounding the crime — the pageants, an unanswered ransom note, and plenty of other strange circumstances in the build up to JonBenét’s death — to keep you hooked right up until the season finale.


4. The Good Place


Pretty intense, right? Well, there’s no better way to wind down after an hour of must-see watercooler TV than a raucous comedy, and NBC’s Thursday night line-up has long been the place to see the freshest, most gut-bustingly hilarious new shows. The Good Place is no different, coming from the mind of Michael Schur, a veteran of previous bonafide classics for the Peacock such as The Office and Parks and Recreation, as well as Brooklyn Nine-Nine for FOX. This one looks like it’ll be truly binge-worthy.


If that wasn’t enough of a comedy pedigree, the show stars Kirsten Bell (Veronica Mars!) and Ted Danson (Cheers! CSI!) as denizens of the eponymous “good place”, where the pure of heart go after they die. The only problem is that Bell’s character quickly gets bored of an afterlife filled with do-gooders who never swear, drink, and are infuriatingly polite, so she has to choose between an eternity of serenity or a return to her equally quotidian life on Earth. Blasphemous? Perhaps. Hysterical? Absolutely!


3. Lethal Weapon


Joining The Exorcist and Rush Hour in making the leap from big to small screen, Lethal Weapon looks to be the movie adaptation with the best chances of being a hit. Based on the classic Mel Gibson/Danny Glover buddy-cop franchise, the TV series updates the haircuts and soundtrack (no mullets or synthesisers to be found here!), whilst maintaining the core dynamic of a loose-canon detective being matched up with a more mild-mannered partner who is just on the cusp of retirement.


For Lethal Weapon the TV show, those roles are filled by Clayne Crawford (who you might recognize from superior cowboy crime show Justified) as the borderline-psychotic Martin Riggs, and My Wife And Kids legend Damon Wayans making his long-awaited return to television Roger Murtaugh. Even if the new pairing can capture just a fracture of the chemistry Gibson and Glover had in the source material, this could just end up being one of the most entertaining crime dramas on TV this season. Certainly the one with the most laughs.


2. Falling Water


With their ongoing hit Mr. Robot, the USA Network proved they could hold their own against the heavy hitters of cable drama, with new series Falling Water looking to capitalize on that show’s success. A mysterious, possibly supernatural unfolding drama with shades of Lost and Wayward Pines, it follows a group of strangers who are drawn together when they realize they’re sharing parts of the same dream. With shades of the cancelled-too-soon Flash Forward, they learn their visions may have implications for the future of humanity.


If that little synopsis isn’t enough to get you waiting by your VIDGO TV app every week for the next episode, just take a look at the talent behind it: The Walking Dead producer Gale Anne Hurd, Law and Order: LA’s Blake Masters and dearly departed Homeland writer Henry Bromell created the show, with 28 Weeks Later’s Juan Carlos Fresnadillo directing and American Horror Story’s Lizzie Brocheré in the lead role. With a killer concept and a crew that good, Falling Water is definitely one to watch. And speaking of The Walking Dead


1. The Walking Dead


We get the feeling we’re not the only ones anxiously anticipating the return of AMC’s smash-hit zombie show, the seventh season of which is scheduled to premiere on October 23, 2016 – just in time for Halloween! And not a moment too soon, either, as fans have been on tenterhooks since the shocking cliffhanger from last season’s finale. There’s still a little ways to go yet…


The Walking Dead’s seventh year promises to pick up exactly where the last one left off, with Rick Grimes and his dwindling band of fellow survivors facing their most sadistic, dangerous opponent yet. Yep, maybe even worse than the undead monsters they have to deal with every week! Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s villain Negan, a fan favorite from the comics, already made quite an impression with his brief appearance in said finale. He’s promoted to a regular cast member this time around, promising to make life a real headache for the Alexandria settlement.


It’s a particularly vicious headache for one member of the group since – spoilers! – Negan completed his memorable introduction by killing one of the main characters! But who was it? Please say it wasn’t Glenn! Naturally, everybody involved is keeping schtum, so all us fans can do is sit around and speculate. Is there any way for October to come around faster? 

We hope you will soon be enjoying all these shows on your VIDGO app!!

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